Basic Lab Skills

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Induction and Basic Laboratory Skills Course
Classroom Based 1 Day Course

Course Description:
Why waste valuable time and money preparing basic laboratory skills courses and induction training for new laboratory staff? Allow our training professionals to design and implement training around your existing procedures and basic laboratory instrumentation.
» Ensure that all staff are trained in basic laboratory operations such as weighing, pipetting, titrimetry, volumetric work, moisture determination, pH determination, use of laboratory notebooks etc
* Several major UK companies already use our training design service to supply basic and refresher skills courses which are then delivered by in-house personnel who have been trained by CSTS professionals
» Our custom design service can incorporate your existing SOPs’ and Protocols so that new staff are skilled in basic laboratory operations and are all following current best practice
» An additional benefit is an ideal opportunity to review your current laboratory practices to ensure they are compliant with current regulatory guidelines and best practice

Basic Chemistry
A half or one day refresher course for Analytical Scientists

Course Description:
For anyone who is new to analytical sciences or for anyone brave enough to admit to having forgotten some of the fundamental principles! This Basic Chemistry short course can be customised to suit the needs of particular groups of scientists and aims to cover the underpinning chemical principles of solution based and instrumental analytical science. Topics should be customised to particular learner groups – typical one day course would cover 2 – 3 units of instruction, depending upon topics chosen.
All topics contain worked examples & tutorial exercises.
» Measurements and Calculations
» Atoms and Molecules
» Atomic Interaction
» Acids Bases and Salts
» Aqueous Solutions
» Reactions in Solution
» General Organic Chemistry
» Data Treatment